It all started with a tennis match.

The Dealer Clocks story started one day when two friends were watching the Wimbledon Championships. No, really, we watch tennis. Amidst the excitement of Caroline Wozniacki doing her thing, we couldn't help but notice something in the background.

Something that caught our attention almost immediately.


As avid lovers of luxury watches of all sorts, we were immediately captivated by the beautiful Rolex clock sitting above the court. We wanted one hanging in our living room so bad. We later learnt that they were called "dealer clocks".

Unfortunately, they were not for sale to the general public, and were only seen in Rolex boutiques or events.

The search began.

We started searching high and low for these clocks. They existed, but there were a few problems. The originals were rare and extremely overpriced as they are supposed to be dealer-only clocks. The remakes were plentiful, but most of them were cheaply-made and were of poor quality, it was nothing like a clock bearing a luxury branding should look like. The hunt for the elusive perfect clock was getting frustrating, and clocks were piling up in our home.

And off we go.

The idea then came to us. We would build these clocks ourselves.

We have been dabbling in the replica industry for a long while now, and we know the Chinese are well capable of producing quality stuff, you just have to find the right factories. We packed our bags and embarked on a journey to find a factory capable enough to produce clocks to our standard. Plans were drafted, discussions were held late into the night, just to fulfill a dream we had.

And it finally paid off.

The Dealer Clocks Family

Today, Dealer Clocks has grown to be the largest luxury wall clock shop online, with a reputation for quality clocks at a reasonable price. Our range has expanded from our very first Rolex Submariner to niche brands like Chopard and MontBlanc. We have, along the way, also sourced the best replica watches in the market, so you do not have to weed through the junk like we did.

And that is why you see a little DC emblem on some of our recent photographs.

The Dealer Clocks name has become synonymous with quality, and we plan to keep it that way. The little emblem serves to let you guys know that these photographs are indeed pictures of the actual product, and as a bonus, prevents people from using our photographs ( hey, who wouldn't want to? I mean, look at them! )

P.S. Our old emblem looks a little different from this one, you should be able to spot it on the front page. The old one was two 50¢ earrings stuck together with glue, and kept breaking when the house cat knocked it over. We upgraded to a custom $5 one, which is the one you see above. Take that, cat!

So now that you've finished hearing us babble on and on, let's start shopping!

Our Rolex Clock Collection